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The Path to the Internet - The Design Phase


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In this phase, we begin the iterative process of building the site. You can assume that your ISI contacts will be asking you to critique their efforts on a regular basis, because you will now actually see some results of our question and answer sessions.

Collect the Content
After the site map has been defined, you can begin to work on the content to be delivered on each page. This may include photographs, graphics, and text, and ISI will be relying on you to select the items that make sense for each web page. At the same time, we will probably try to talk you out of publishing some of this content, because the natural tendency is to put as much information as possible on the site. This leads to a cluttered look, and needs to be controlled.

Conquer the technical issues
Very often, we find that our clients present us with unique opportunities that challenge our design team. The focus of our design group is to execute the client's vision as closely as possible, while injecting a dose of reality into the equation. This reality may be in the form of improved download times, massaged graphics, or any number of other issues. You throw down the gauntlet - we pick it up!

Design for multiple platforms and browsers
Internet technology continues to evolve at an incredibly fast rate, and ISI has the experience to target our designs to maximize their effectiveness. For example, both Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer have multiple versions of their browsers available to the public at this time. Should your web site be designed to take advantage of the latest features of each browser? Probably not! Adoption of the latest browsers usually takes six months or more by the general public, and some of your clients will NEVER update their browsers. Once again, you can rely on our experience in this area.

Do it again!
At the start of this topic, we stated this was an iterative process. We will be continually working with our clients to hone and refine the design until the client is satisfied. Our success is based on your satisfaction.

Internet Strategies, Inc.
224 East Cross Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230



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