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Internet Strategies, Inc.
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Agile Printing Company

July 22, 2004 - Agile Printing Company provides offset printing, thermographic printing, and other specialty printing services to customers in Washington, DC and the Washington metropolitan area. In addition, Agile targets remote customers requiring printing services while hosting activities at the Washington, DC Convention Center. ISI is providing search engine optimization services for the current Agile web site, while upgrading the site to better represent the firm's capabilities. 

Managing Excellence, LLC

June 23, 2004 - The Baltimore based human resources consulting firm Managing Excellence, LLC, has retained ISI to create a new web site for the company and provide SEO services for the site. In addition, ISI will be creating a branding experience for the company, with new logo and marketing slogans for the firm.

Alan L. Gordon, CPA

June 7, 2004 - Alan L. Gordon, CPA, P.A. has retained ISI to undertake a web site redesign for the firm's current site. ISI had previously provided interim services to improve the firm's search engine rankings for selected keywords, and will now extend that process with fully optimized web pages targeted for specific audiences.

Marmas Productions, Inc.

April 6, 2004 - Marmas Productions, Inc., selected ISI to perform a web site upgrade and search engine optimization project for the company. Marmas Productions is the leading promoter of beauty pageants for ladies of all ages in the Washington, D.C. area. MPI also hosts three national beauty pageant finals held in Las Vegas, Nevada each year.

TTSS Interactive Products

October 17, 2003 - TTSS Interactive Products, a leading provider of digital information solutions, has retained the web marketing and site design services of Internet Strategies to improve the placement of the company's web site. ISI has proposed a multi-phase approach to modify the current site and make short term improvements, while planning and executing the the new site.

A.R. Marani, Inc.

October 8, 2003 - One of the leading builders and contractors in the Baltimore area, A.R.Marani, Inc. has selected Internet Strategies to create an informational web site for the firm. ISI will be using the Macromedia™ Contribute2™ product to allow ARM non-technical employees to perform ad hoc text and image modifications to the site, to reduce future costs of site maintenance.

Expungements & Pardons .com

July 23, 2002 - The Law Offices of Raymond Carignan have signed with Internet Strategies to produce an interactive web site offering expungement and pardon services in Maryland and Federal Courts. This site will allow clients to fill out forms online and forward the information to attorneys who will file motions for the clients.

Shamrock Valley Enterprises

March 14, 2003 - Shamrock Valley Enterprises, a leading telecommunications installation firm in the the Mid-Atlantic region has signed a web site redesign agreement with Internet Strategies. Shamrock Valley recognizes the importance of internet marketing in their overall advertising program, and realizes the far reaching effects of web marketing to their business.

Neurofeedback Consultants

January 20, 2003 - Dr. Deborah Stokes, head of Neurofeedback Consultants of Alexandria, Virginia, announced that Internet Strategies has been selected to perform a web site redesign of the practice's current site, neurofeedbackconsult.com. Dr. Stokes is a licensed psychotherapist with eighteen years in private practice. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in Psychophysiology from The Union Institute.

Wm. Ray Ford, Attorney at Law

October 29, 2002 - Internet Strategies, Inc. announced today that Wm. Ray Ford, Attorney at Law has signed an agreement with ISI to produce a web site for the law firm, and provide search engine optimization services for the firm. Mr. Ford offers criminal defense and appeals services to clients in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. areas.

The Law Offices of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C.

October 6, 2002 - The Law Offices of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. have contracted with ISI to create a web site for the law firm and provide online marketing services for the site. In addition, ISI is providing consulting services to the law firm for the modernization of the firm's office computing needs.

The Law Offices of Raymond Carignan

September 6, 2002 - Ray Carignan, principal of The Law Offices of Raymond Carignan contacted ISI to complement our online marketing services. "Our web site is finding clients that we would have never reached using traditional methods. ISI has given us the Internet exposure we wanted to expand our client base."

Subway Development of Tampa Bay

July 6, 2002 - Internet Strategies announced today that they have signed a contract with Subway Development of Tampa Bay to redesign the company's current web site, and publish an interactive database on the new web site The database functionality will allow non-technical people within the SDTB community to communicate more efficiently with others at SDTB and the Subway community in general.

Internet Strategies, Inc.
224 East Cross Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230



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