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The Path to the Internet - The Prototype Phase


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The second phase of our process begins to put some structure on your web presence. We'll still be asking questions, but you'll begin to see some preliminary designs, based on your input up to this point.

What is your message?
Once again, this sounds very simple, but the presentation of your products or services on the web greatly impacts the effectiveness of the message. You will need to decide how to focus your message to create the greatest interest in your offerings. Sometimes this means a memorable logo for your business, other times it may be a catchy slogan. We can assist you in finding that effective presentation.

What kind of graphics will you use?
This can be one of your most important decisions when building a web site. Many sites go overboard when using graphics, and this can unnecessarily crowd the site. In some cases, you will need to use photographs to display your products. In others, appropriate web graphics should be presented. This is always a balancing act that requires careful attention.

What content will be delivered?
As with your primary message, the overall textual content of the web site must come from you. After all, you know your business! Our copywriters can massage the text that you provide to us, and tailor that message to the audience on the web.

What kind of interactivity will be needed?
In some cases, a web site just needs to display information and nothing else. This typically works well for businesses trying to attract walk-in business, and using the Internet as another advertising medium. Other businesses need to provide email connections and automated forms to enable some interaction with the customer base. Appropriate use of these technologies is very important to the success of your site.

Creating the Site Map
ISI begins to document the physical layout of your web site when we create the site map. This gives a graphic presentation of the number of pages on the site, how they link together, and the links to any other sites on the web. We find that our clients begin to visualize the complexity of their site at this point, and start to understand that providing more information is not necessarily better. A site with logical, simple navigation is much more desirable than a site with many pages but little organization.

The sanity check!
Many web developers get carried away by using the latest technology to express themselves on their client's behalf. Let's not lose focus on your primary goal: getting more customers interested in your offerings, not just looking at your site to see how it works. ISI never loses sight of the ultimate target: BOOSTING YOUR BOTTOM LINE!

Internet Strategies, Inc.
224 East Cross Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230



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