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The Path to the Internet
The Quality Assurance Phase

Testing of the new web site is just as important as any of the other phases. Nothing will turn away potential customers like a site that doesn't function correctly, or even has misspelled words (you'd be surprised!). Our structured Quality Assurance program ensures that your site will be published without errors.

Testing for usability
Sometimes the simplest designs do not obtain the desired results. Examples include graphics on navigation buttons that seem to be very intuitive, but leave the site user confused. The "user experience" on your web site must work without any confusion on the user's part.

Testing the navigation
All web sites are based on menus and links, from one web page to another. A Quality Assurance program tracks all links, and tests to make certain that each link on menus and embedded in text is functioning, and works in all conditions.

Testing for consistency
During the design phase, some web pages may not be built with exactly the same fonts or structures (we try, but sometimes they slip through). Our consistency checks validate that all pages have the same "look and feel" to them. This is one of the most important aspects of presenting a professional appearance for your site.

Testing across browsers
As we discussed in the concept phase, browser compatibility is a critical issue. We can't reasonably design web sites that will work on all browsers, but we can test to ensure that the most common browsers used by your target audience will function correctly.

Test again
Any time that problems are found and corrected during the testing process, the entire testing process must be repeated. If designers make changes and do not follow the entire testing procedure, some errors may be created even as others are fixed. Our methodology at ISI ensures full and thorough testing.

Internet Strategies, Inc.
224 East Cross Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230



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