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The Path to the Internet - The Support Phase

So now you've got a web site. Everything is done. It works fine. Are we done? Remember that this is just one of your marketing tools, and like the rest of your marketing media, you need to keep an eye on it, watch its effectiveness, tune it up occasionally.

Monitor site usage
Early on, we discussed designing your site for multiple platforms, browsers, and access methods. Every site host offers usage statistics that give us the actual technology demographics for the people visiting your site. Now we can analyze the statistics to make sure we have tuned the site properly for your audience.

Keep the site current
This is a two-fold proposition. You will want to keep your site current from a content as well as a technological perspective. The content may change as your business changes, you add products or services, or even with change of your address. The march of technology is never ending. It's just a matter of deciding when it makes sense to upgrade your site to take advantage of new browser capabilities, faster access speeds, and other "bells and whistles".

Site management
This topic includes the rather mundane tasks involved in operating a website. Along with your web presence, the majority of host providers will give you a certain number of email accounts for use with your site. Someone will need to administer those email accounts, as well as ensure that the hosting company is living up to its service promises.

Internet Strategies, Inc.
224 East Cross Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230



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